Dermatologist Recommended Body Wash

The following products are great for sensitive skin and for leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. It is however important not to over-wash your skin, especially if you have dry skin or eczema. Be gentle and use your hands to wash, not a rag, sponge, or loofah.

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

A fragrance free cleanser that is available at most stores. This cleanser is great for sensitive skin and leaves a soft clean feeling after use.

Vanicream Gentle Body Wash

This body wash is great for extremely sensitive skin and those with eczema and other contact allergies. It will leave your skin feeling clean without causing irritation.

Aquaphor Cleansing Baby Wash and Shampoo

This fragrance free body wash is great for use in adults and babies. Unlike other baby shampoos which are heavy on fragrances and can cause irritation, this body wash is gentle and perfect for sensitive skin.

Dove Sensitive Skin and Body Wash

With gentle cleansing and a moisturizing element this body wash is great for dry skin. It does however contain a light fragrance so please avoid if you have a fragrance sensitivity.